Tuesday, March 04, 2008

VIDEO: 2008 03 04 Brisbane Australia vs India 2nd Final

This afternoon, as I was bang smack in the middle of doing nothing of any importance, my brother buzzed me on Google Talk

Brother: Check this out http://content-eap.cricinfo.com/cbs/engine/current/match/291372.html

Maverick: What's this?

B: Scorecard for the 2nd final between India and Australia.

(for the uninitiated, he was talking about a Cricket tournament. Australia are the world champions and arguably the most talented cricketing team in the world)

M: What's a second final?

B: Well, they used to have one final as you know...but they decided to let the tournament result be based on best of three final matches.

M: That's kinda idiotic.

(I think it sort of takes out some excitement from the game though some people may say that it is fairer to the consistent performers)

M: I just checked the scorecard. Sachin (Tendulkar) scored 91 runs again?

(Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the biggest cricketing star ever, though his performance for the past couple of years has been relatively lackluster).

B: Yup! In the first final he scored a century. 117 runs off 120 balls! So India's already won the first final.

M: Hmm...looks like this guy is all set to make a half-century of centuries...

B: Hope so...

M: So what does Australia need to win now?

B: 30 runs in 3 overs (each over has 6 balls), and they have 3 wickets in hand.

M: So, basically, all fielders are in the outfield at this point - to stop the 4s and 6s. All Australia needs to do is for the next 2 overs, skimp along on 1s and 2s on each ball, and blast out 4s and 6s in the last over.

B: Hope not.

M: Yeah...tailenders...they wont be able to cause much damage.

B: Nooooooooo...Hopes is a very good batsman.

M: Hmm....

B: Uh, oh...that was a 4!

(After a while)

M: What do they need now?

B: 22 runs in 2 overs.

M: Hmm...smooth sailing so far.

M: They've lost 7 wickets so far, eh? Let's do this - let's finish off their wickets!

B: They's Australia!

M: Why be defensive? Let's mount an atack. Give me the ball.

B: Sreesanth took a wicket!

Here's what happened in the 49th over:
7 mts 19 secs

Please click the Play button above.

M: Wow! All I had to do was say it then?

B: Apparently!

M: I must have some magical powers!

B: 21 runs off 10 balls.

M: Forget about the runs. Let's finish off the wickets. Let's crush them now...humiliate them...

B: A six!

M: Give me the stupid ball.

B: Australia needs 13 runs off 6 balls...

M: Okay, here I go...

B: Out!

M: Splendid, see?

B: Yeah, I do :-)

M: Now to wrap this up...

B: Oh, no! Hopes is on strike. He's not a tailender...very good batsman.

M: Well, you know what they say? Hope dies last. Let him be the last batsman to fall...give me the ball...

B: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Hopes is out...we've won...we've won...we've won the championship...all credit to you...LOL


Here's what happened in the last (50th) over
10 mts 39 secs

Please click the Play button above.

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