Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dubai - Another World

Dubai: The city with the highest growth rate in the world.

Burj Al Arab: The only 7 Star Hotel in the World. Built in a mere 18 months. Opened its doors in 2003.

A tour of the hotel costs €60

Luxury suites like this cost between €7500 and €15000 a night

Luxury suites like this cost between €7500 and €15000 a night

Luxury suites like this cost between €7500 and €15000 a night

This panoramic suite goes for €8250 a night

Dining at this restaurant will cost extra, of course

Don't forget to go for a swim at one of the numerous pools

Or indulge yourself in a more intimate bath

And then have a drink at one of the numeorus bars

Finish off a meeting at one of the conference rooms

And head to the top for a game of tennis

At the "Indoor Winter Season", you can ski any time of the year while the outside temperature is 85F

The ski slopes from outside. For perspective, compare to the palm trees for size

A drawing showing the development of the Marina Dubai zone.

Burj Al Arab and The Jumeirah Palm residential property from an airplane window.

"The World". A sanctuary in this group of islands clustered to imitate the world map costs a cool $7 millions. To get to your private island, you need to have a helicopter or a boat.

Also under development is Dubailand

Dubailand will be the world's largest theme park.

15% of the tall towers being built in the world are in Dubai. Imagine operating a crane in this environment.

A virtual model of the Burj tower, slated to be be completed in 2008.

Once completed, the Burj tower will be the Tallest in the World.

Finally, take a look at this rotating skyscraper.

250 meters, 59 floors mounted in a concrete core that will serve as a rotating shaft. The floors will be pre-assembled and then attached to the core of the building. Each floor will rotate separate from the others.

The tower will have solar and aeolian electric system generators to be self-sufficient.

The project is Italian and has not begun yet.

It is predicted that its construction will last two and a half years. The projected cost will be around $500 million.

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