Sunday, May 17, 2009

British Nights

Cardiff At Night
by Maciej Dakowicz

Hungry: Nightclubbers enjoy fast food amid mounds of rubbish after a night on the town

Benched: A woman holds court with four friends

Just resting: One party-goer slumps against the wheel of a police van

Get a room: A kilted man and his lover share a kiss among the burger wrappers

Pretty in pink: A reveller hikes up his skirt and hops over a barrier during a late night out

Soft landing: This rugby fan takes a tumble into a pile of discarded take-away cartons

Midnight snack: A punter enjoys some late night food, but his friend seems exhausted by the very thought of it

Oh what a night: This dustbin seems the perfect place to catch your breath on a rowdy night out

Forty winks: One man picks a spot for a nap - right next to an overflowing dustbin

Wake up! A woman tries to rouse a sleeping man

Late debate: Two young women huddle together in a draughty-looking bus stop

The leaning tower of rubbish: A man carefully balances a pizza box on top of an overflowing bin

Golden days: There's no age limit on a night out

Bloodied: An injured man staggers across the street

Ending in tears: A girl consoles her friend as they perch on a littered pavement

How do I look? Two men enjoy a show from a scantily-clad clubber in the early hours

Not so innocent: Two girls dressed in Heidi-style outfits take a breather while the police look on

She's got some front: A hen party gets saucy for the camera

First aid: A bleeding reveller is tended to on the street

Pub crawl: A man makes unsteady progress as he crosses the filthy pavement

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