Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brittany from the Sky

The beautiful port of Doelan in Finistere

Concarneau, the large fortified harbor and seaside resort, and its remarkable enclosed city

Le chateau de Nessay

Marine cemetery at Etel

The citadel of Port Louis

La sillon de Talbert, Europe's geological wonder, is a natural sand roadway going through the sea for 3 km

The beach of port Manach

Port Blanc

Le fort de la Latte, is separated from dry land by two passable cracks in Pont-Levis


Lighthouse of Ploumanach

La pointe d'Arradon, in the gulf of Morbihan

Pleneuf val Andre, the little traditional port of Dahouet

La pointe de Trevingnon with its fragile dunes

La presqu'ile de Quiberon with its tall cliffs

Pont Aven

Le Guilvinec

La pointe du chateau

Douarnenez, the ancient port

Mont Saint-Michel, the gateway to Brittany, is a UNESCO world heritage site

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