Monday, November 08, 2004

Ads I Love: FedEx - MBA

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Click on the image above, and then click on play button once it becomes available.

This one is a classic in its own right. A smartly dressed young manager is setting up his office as the (presumably) administrator walks in, "Hi Tom, I know it's your first day, but we could really use your help."

The eager-to-impress young man follows her, with hopes of an important assignment. His hopes are dashed when the lady asks him to ship a large bunch of packages.

He protests sheepishly, "I don't do shipping." to which the lady dismissively responds, "Oh no no no, it's very easy. We use Anybody can do it."

The poor guy tries again, "You don't understand. I have an MBA."

"Oh, you have an MBA? In that case, I have to show you how to do it."

VO: makes shipping so fast and easy, even an MBA can do it.

Yeah, it makes fun of MBAs like me, but hey, it IS fun.

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